Nearly everyone experiences fatigue periodically from busy days filled with work, daily commutes, family and personal commitments.  This type of fatigue is temporary and is usually remedied by rest.  However, fatigue that is unrelenting, that does not improve with adequate rest, may become debilitating and interfere with daily activities.

Fatigue becomes a problem when one cannot make energy efficiently due to:

  • poor mitochondrial function
  • depletion of brain chemicals
  • depletion of hormone systems

Stress, infections and toxins are common triggers of impairment in one or all of these areas. Can you identify reasons in your daily life that are contributing to your fatigue?

Insulin resistance caused by persistently elevated insulin hormone levels, obesity, a poor diet, and nutrient deficiencies inhibits the body from breaking down carbohydrates and fats properly for energy.  When blood sugar is chronically elevated, too much glucose and insulin circulate throughout the bloodstream causing inflammation that alters hormone and neurotransmitter levels resulting in fatigue. 

Food intolerances may also be the cause of fatigue since food intolerances and allergens elicit an inflammatory response.  This breaks down the gastrointestinal barrier and disrupts blood sugar regulation.

People who experience debilitating fatigue have genetic variances in the way their bodies respond to infection and inflammation causing them to react with a magnified response.  Bacterial and parasitic infections, viral infections, yeast overgrowth, as well as, Lyme and other tick-borne pathogens elicit a robust response by the immune system.  A massive surge of infection fighting agents from the immune system is released and a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation results, exhausting the body.  People suffering with this type of chronic inflammation often experience cognitive impairment, memory loss and brain fog.

There are numerous proven strategies that can provide relief from debilitating fatigue. The most important first step to restoring your health is identifying and removing stressors.  Please call me for a free consultation to discover how I can help you revitalize your energy and bring enjoyment back into your life.