Many of the health issues that we experience today can be attributed to poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.  This is why nutritional changes can have a drastic impact on improving one’s health.  Even if a disease is not caused by our diets, nutritional support can help manage chronic diseases. 

Underlying causes to your health problems can be identified by examining your health history, family history, your unique biochemistry, and genetic profile.  Various methods can be used to determine allergies, sensitivities, and imbalances that contribute to the root causes of disease and dysfunction.  We do not perform blood draw laboratory tests but we can order saliva, stool, and/or urine test kits that are done in your home and sent directly to the lab.  In certain situations, additional laboratory tests may be necessary.   We can collaborate with your healthcare provider to accomplish this.  We can then design and help you implement specific diet plans and lifestyle alterations.  These will be tailored to your unique needs. 

We do not currently accept insurance but will provide a comprehensive bill that may be submitted for insurance reimbursement.  Please contact your insurance provider to ask about nutrition counseling benefits coverage.



Free consultation

Please call me for a free brief consultation to discuss your goals and concerns so that I can ensure your expectations are met.  I encourage you to take charge of your health and schedule your free consultation today.


Follow-up Consultation

60 minutes $125

Initial Consultation

90 minutes $195

The initial consultation includes an extensive review of your goals, health history, family history, and laboratory results.  Following the initial consultation, you will receive a written summary of our conversation and an individualized recommendation for diet, nutritional supplements, and an exercise plan.  Sometimes further testing is needed and this recommendation will also be included along with other resources. We can hold our consultation in person, via phone, or videoconference service. 

For complex cases, we may need to meet monthly and for less complex cases, only a few sessions may be necessary.  The follow-up consultation addresses concerns and includes a review of recommendations and plan adjustments.  Recommendations for further testing may be necessary at this time.

Performance Consultation

60 minutes $125





The Performance Consultation was created for the athlete looking to optimize performance.  Dietary intake and training plan will be evaluated and a pre-workout and recovery plan will be tailored to your specific dietary needs.  Other aspects of sports nutrition will be discussed to maximize your individual performance. This consultation is appropriate for all athletic levels.


ADD-ON SERVICES - available to current clients only

Add-on services are available to clients only after initial consultation.  These services are offered exclusively to clients desiring additional help implementing recommendations made in our consultations.  Other customized add-on services may be available upon client request.  We strive to offer our clients all the tools necessary for their success.

Pantry Consultation

60 minutes $100 and $50 for every subsequent hour

Grocery Consultation

60 minutes $100 and $50 for every subsequent hour

Making healthy food choices can be difficult when your pantry contains ingredients that may be thwarting your efforts.  We can help you sort through your pantry, eliminating unhealthy items, and allowing room for foods that will support your new way of eating.  This consultation can range from complete pantry overhaul to refining and reorganizing.




The Grocery Consultation is the perfect opportunity to learn specific nutrition information to benefit your health.  With so many product choices, it can be overwhelming deciding what choice is best for you.  You will learn to identify healthier options and great substitutes for your specific needs.  We will visit each aisle learning about healthful options, nutrition labels and ingredient lists, healthy on-the-go options, as well as providing tips for meal planning.  Your food and nutrition questions will be answered helping you to develop effective strategies to increase healthful food purchases.  This consultation is individually tailored to your specific needs and level of knowledge.


Healthy Choices Package


Healthy Choices Package includes pantry consultation and grocery consultation each for up to 2 hours. ($300 value) This package will equip you with the tools necessary to make healthful choices that will serve you and your family.  These activities can be done back-to-back on the same day or scheduled on separate days.



Transformation Package


Wellness Package


Transformation Package includes an initial consultation followed by a pantry consultation, up to 2 hours, plus grocery consultation, up to 2 hours. ($495 value)

Wellness Package includes one comprehensive initial consultation plus four follow-up consultations. ($695 value) We will help keep you motivated with periodic meetings and e-mail support.

*All packages will expire one year from purchase and cannot be transferred to another client.



We offer all our clients confidential, professional counseling.  As board certified and licensed professionals, we strive to provide the most current nutritional support available and continually update our information.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

*All appointments require a credit card and telephone number to hold the appointment.

Appointment Cancellation Policy:  Meg Lambke Nutrition Solutions must be notified of appointment change or cancellation at least 24 hours in advance to the scheduled appointment time or client will be charged a fee of 50% of the scheduled service price.  Services are non-transferable. 

Inclement Weather Policy:  The cancellation fee will be waived if an appointment must be canceled or changed due to inclement weather less than 24 hours prior to appointment time.